Quality Assurance

At BELONG our Quality Policy is not only to meet the requirements of our customers on a continuing basis, but we try to exceed them in advance. We have obtained and maintained internationally recognized certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949.
Our quality management system is in accordance with the PDCA quality system methodology and customer requirements.
BELONG has strict controls on the process and performs continuous internal audits to ensure our products high quality and reliability.

Supply Chain Management

BELONG’s experienced professional materials management team has established a flexible, efficient, international supply chain with both well-known international and local suppliers. 
We have a unique supplier management program to provide effective long-term solutions to various customer needs, while ensuring the delivery of quality materials.
To evaluate our key suppliers will include effective monitoring, improvement of the quality system, and supply chain risk minimization to ensure product quality and timely delivery. 
For all suppliers, our hierarchical vendor management includes annual audits, quarterly performance ratings, and quality conferences whenever required.
BELONG’s professional custom clearance and custom handling insure that we import material and export finished products effectively and in time. Our supply chain management coordinates global transportation utilizing a variety of domestic and international carriers.

& Testing
Leading edge technology is used in every aspect of Belong manufacturing processes to ensure quality products are delivered to customers. All of the products are 100% optically inspected by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems that minimized the possibility of human error. X-ray services provide our customers with reliable products, where ordinary inspection tools can’t be used, specifically with BGA components.
We provide:
                •IPC-A-610 PCBA inspection standard   
                •SPC(Statistical Process Control) method   
                •FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis)   
                •Material RoHS compliant Inspection   
                •Automatic Optical Inspection(AOI)   
                •X-ray Inspection and rework   
                •In-circuit Testing (ICT)   
                •Function Testing (FCT)   
                •Burn-In Testing   
                •Environmental Testing    
                •Safety, EMC Certification Testing   
                •Testing Development (Equipment
& Methods) 

Through many years of development across major product areas, BELONG has accumulated engineering experience which provides customers with the full range of professional and flexible services required for designing, manufacturing, testing and quality control. 
BELONG’s aim is to improve and exceed customer requirements continuously. Our goal is to be the best manufacturer in the world!